Against Media iLearning System Implementation Quality Assessment and Student Learning Effectiveness

Sudaryono, Untung Rahardja, Ahmad Roihan

Abstract :

Every educator wants an effective system of learning, class with communicative and active students accompanied by a quality assessment. In the era of modern learning, e-learning system utilized by school institutions as a learning medium that can control the assessment quality and learning effectiveness of student. The current system is using iLearning Media, the implementation process is done there are still shortcomings in terms of interest and involvement of the student, it is necessary to redesign the system so that the effectiveness of learning to do with intelligence. This research aims to harness and develop the current system in order to know the assessment quality and learning effectiveness. The methods conducted in this research are OLAP method by utilizing datamart and requirement user analysis. The retrieval of data by distributing a questionnaire to be tested for validity and reliability. Further from this research will determine how much interest students and anyone who is active in the following subjects, then produce valid data on the implementation of the system to the assessment quality and learning effectiveness.

Keywords: Quality Assessment, Learning Effectiveness, OLAP, Datamart

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